Bernie Dalberice "Viva La Burns"

As WCCR's new PR manager,  Bernie Dalberice is employing an ambitious campaign to turn WCCR into a movement online & on campus. "The Guru" created the WCCR website and has many plans to improve our brand.

Bernie is also a Reggae artist working on track for his upcoming project "Papaya Juice Under the Mango Tree".
Bernie is also a basketball junkie. He loves watching, playing and even coaches the sport. Bernie's interest in sports goes beyond basketball, to football, baseball and tennis. He considers himself a master strategist and loves to discuss tactics on any issue.
And whatever you do, NEVER challenge him to Connect Four; You will lose! 

You can learn more about Bernie on his website

VIVA Ville Sports
Monday's & Thursdays 4-5pm

Viva Ville focuses on the top sports headlines & controversies mainly in the NBA, MLB, NFL & the NCAA.

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