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#AwkwardMoments 9.12.12

Julian Stephen: Prince Charming

Prince Charming (produced by Andre Rockwell) is Julian's first single off of his upcoming album " The Desperate Prom Date".
Visit Julian's YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to his  music and watch Alien N' Kick episodes.

The GON: The Musical 3-Some

"The Musical 3-Some
by The GON

Listen to more George 'The Gon' Mixtapes on

Jam Session: Recap

On Thursday, March 25th Spoke~N~Heard & WCCR had their first Jam Session of the year. The intimate atmosphere was great for people to come out of their shells and express themselves artistically. After the night I learn many new things about my friends: Nicole & Osasu can sing? Lakeisha steps? My boy Cyrus can spit bars?

Check out all the performances below.

As you see it was a great event. After attending my first Jam Session, you can definitely RSVP me for the other two.

Bernie G,

Gaming Olympics: Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to CCNY on a Saturday to support the event. Also, the SFGA Club greatly appreciates all the volunteers who helped make the Gaming Olympics a successful event.

In the center of  the ballroom were three monitors where Call of Duty, Madden 10' and Halo 3 were being played simultaneously.  

We also had Guitar Hero and Rock Band being played on two large projection screens.

There were Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, and Wii systems setup in the conference rooms.

Arcade games were placed at the Hoffman Lounge.

Of course the Gaming Olympics included the usually games in the Game Room

There were also board games

Sandwiches, beverages, popcorn and cotton candy were provided free!

Look at Ray munching down some cotton candy!

Fighter Tournament 32 man tourney, in various fighting games from numerous consoles. 

There was also a double dutch contest held outside the NAC.

The Wii Sports Tournament went down to the last point.

 Our contestants played a best out of three of Wii sport events. The first contestant won at tennis and his competitor, she won the second event, the three point shooting contest. Now it came down to one game of ping pong for the grand prize of a Nintendo Wii! 

Watch the Nail Biting Finale!
The score is tied at 3. Game is up to 6 and win by 2.

Props to

 Wii Sports Champion: Joy

Fresh Out the Box: HI-JYNX Interview

Phoenix features up and coming Hip-Hop artist, Hi-Jynx on her show Fresh Out the Box in her first ever On-Air interview! Check out the audio, including an exclusive freestyle below!

Originally aired March 9th, 2010
(14:00) -HI- JYNX speaks about how he got into Hip Hop
(23:15) -Phoenix & JYNX discuss tattoo fetishes.
(33:20) -HI- JYNX performs a freestyle
(44:21) -JYNX recounts the story when he dated the principal's daughter.

Listen to more of HI-JYNX's music on his website

And tune into Fresh Out the Box, showcasing up and coming artists, on-air every Tuesday from 2-3pm.


Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to more of his music!

Stop Typing Like a Douche

This has been done time and time again, but I feel the need to rant about it. Maybe in hopes that if you hear it, read it and see it over and over again it'll seep in. I will admit that I'm somewhat harsh, but it's all very simple and hard to believe that people don't have the ability to type properly, all by stupid choice. I don't care if you agree or not but this irritates me and this is my blog, so you're going to have to deal.

Why, why oh why people of the internet? Why must you type like you have no type of formal education? I get the whole internet abbreviations and internet lingo (lol, brb, bbl, etc.) That is not what I'm referring to. I'm referring to the people who cut down words and replace letters with numbers or punctuation. I'm referring to the people who add unnecessary letters in words. (I'm not talking about at the end like thissssss) I'm talking about this: ii'm so tiired)

     Sadly, I've seen it, and not just by the young and naive, but from people who should know better. It doesn't make you seem adorable, you just look like you're making the same stupid typo over and over.

     Also, leaving a letter out of a word is just lazy. That is not abbreviating and it is not cute. There is absolutely no reason for you to leave out letters in words. Abbreviating phrases is acceptable. The word "the" is a THREE letter word. Why do people cut it down to "da" and "tha"? Try saying a sentence using "da" instead of properly pronouncing the word. You'll sound stupid. And "tha"? Really? You can type "thA" but not "thE"? What malfunction occurred? The same goes for the words: what (wut, wat) and when (wen).

Others and their retarded variations:
Girl- Grl (What is wrong with using ONE more letter?), Gurl (Really? What do you have against the letter i?), Giirl (Just one i is needed, thanks), Girlz/Grlz/Gurlz (Just no)

Boy- Boi (What's wrong with the letter y?) Boyz/Boiz (Again, just no)

Like- Lyke (Again with the i), Lyk (Need I say more?)

If you use these or omit unecessary letters, someone should hit you, hard.

     How do you function is school? Do you honestly do assignments typing like that? Oh yeah, blah blah the internet isn't school. I know, but sadly it's been done where people have dumbed down their typing online that it's reflected in their actual work. In school I've done peer reviews and I've seen papers with "u" and "y" and dare I say it: "lol" REALLY? u and y are not words, nor is the acronym lol, an acceptable word.

Basic Grammar
Now, see if you can pay attention.

There: Mostly used for destination. Opposite of here.
ex. I'm going over there. I like that dress over there. Etcetera.

They're: Short for they are.
ex. They're going to be excited. They're going to love this gift. Etcetera.

Their: A form of possession.
ex. That is their dog. This is their home. Etcetera.

You're: Short for you are.
ex. You're 20 minutes late. You're going to get in trouble.

Your: A possessive form of you.
ex. Is that your jacket? I'm shopping for your birthday gift.

It's: Short for it is or it has.
ex. It's hot in here. It's 3 in the morning. It's been 2 hours since we left. Etcetera.

Its: The possessive form of it.
ex. The dog is chasing its tail. The book has lots its cover. Etcetera.

Pretty simple, right? Well apparently online, they're all the same. So many people misuse those words and it's extremely irritating to me. It's really amusing and sad at the same time when I see celebrities twittering and misusing those words. Then again, they're people too right? Sadly.

*In the english language capital letters, when used properly go within titles, at the beginning of a sentence and names and are used for acronyms.

Your Sentence Should Not Look Like This.


Unless, you know, you want to showcase your extreme anger online.

An acronym, for the people who don't know, is a word formed from the initial letters of a set phrase or series of words.

ASPCA- The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
USA- United States of America

Then there are the ones commonly used online, which are acceptable:
Etcetera. I know I don't have to elaborate on those.

WoUlD yOu WaNt To rEAD aN eNtiRe pAsSaGe oF wRiTiNg TyPeD oUt LiKe ThIs?
Pr3Tty Pr1nCeS$
B@biI33 GuRrL
$3Xy kItTy
Oh mAi gAwd!!!1!!1!

     I rest my case. That hurt my fingers just typing the above examples. It's also sort of a mind fuck for my eyes. My point is, it isn't hard to type like you're not stupid. One extra key to hit to complete a short word won't kill you. A lot more people will respect you if you type properly. Who enjoys looking like a jackass? Save yourself the trouble and headaches. =]

WCCR Spartan

"Spartans Charge!"

That is WCCR's battle cry when we run for the shuttle bus in the rain! 

You had to be there. (^_^)


Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to more of his music!

The Gon: Give it to Me Mixtape

"Give It To Me
by The GON

Listen to more George 'The Gon' Mixtapes on

Alien N' Kick Show: BullsEye

WCCR member, Julian Stephen is a rapper and an actor on his online series : The Alien N Kick Show. Visit his YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to Julian's Music and watch Alien N' Kick episodes.

Radio Shows CANCELLED!


- Darius Hoyte, Equipment Manager

The Product of Instantaneousity: What is Love?

Sous Chef and his co-producer, Lux Doyle, have a heart to heart discussion on the Valentines Special of The Product of Instantaneousity and a Broken Record. Interesting conversation.

Marcus & Letticia discuss "What is Love?"

Listen to Marcus & Letticia every Thursday from 2-3pm, on The Product of Instantaneousity and a Broken Record

SFGA Presents: Gaming Olympics

On Saturday March 20th, the Sci-Fi Games & Animation Club (SFGA) will host the first Gaming Olympics from 12-5pm. FREE!
The SFGA Club will be TAKING OVER the NAC Building to play games of all types.

Games include: video, board , card, pool, ping pong, air hockey, arcade,  rope jumping & etc. All of these games will take place at the NAC lobby, The Rotunda, The Hoffman Lounge, The Ballroom, The Game Room and the entire first floor.

There will also be tournaments were the winners can receive prizes of:
Game systems
& more!

This event open to everyone. But only CCNY students are allowed to play in tournaments.
Food & Refreshments will be provided.

RSVP on Facebook


Jump Rope
Individuals test out their skills on the concrete based on creativity, agility, and tricks.

Time and Place: 1-2pm outside Ballroom

Rules: Three judges sees which CCNY student can perform the best in a Jump Rope competition.

Prize: Target Gift Card 

Fighters Tournament
An all out brawl with a variety of fighting games from Super Nintendo to Next Generation consoles.

Time and Place: 2-3pm,  Game Room

Limit: 32, If more people show up,max limit is 64

Rules: One player chooses one fighting game; the second player chooses the second fighting game. Referee chooses third fighting game. Winners move on until there is one winner. Each round is one match.

Prizes: Game system

Wii Sports Olympics
An Olympic event dedicated to Wii Sports participants

Time and Place: 1/211 from 3-4pm

Rules: Players in teams of three will face off in events in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Event will be chosen by referees. Teams with most wins win the event.

Prize: GameStop Gift Cards

Music Gamerz 
A challenge where players can challenge the members of WCCR in either DJ Hero, DDR, and Rock Band

Time and Place: 4-5 in Ball Room

Rules: A player calls out the challenger while the referees call out the game. If player wins, he/she wins prize. Winner is judged by most points.

Prize: Metrocards

Here is a list of some of the video games that will be there:

Play station 3
Madden 10
NBA Live 10
Street Fighter 4
Resistance 2
Call of Duty

Wii System
Smack down vs. Raw 2010
Wii Sports
Madden 10
Need for Speed
Punch Out
Mario Kart
Wii Play
Super Swing golf
Guitar Hero

X Box 360
Rock Band
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe
Madden 10
Modern Warfare 2
DJ Hero
Left for Dead 2

Hope to see you there!

RSVP on Facebook

Q+A w/ Darius

Name: Darius Hoyte
Age: 20
Birthday: 7 August
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Type of DJ: Laptop/Mouse DJ

What got you into DJing?

Well, when I first came to WCCR - City College Radio, I was instantly surrounded by Laptop DJs and Turntable DJs, that knew how to rock a crowd out. Coming from high school, I was pretty much a lame, that was hardly invited to anything. So, I thought,"I can get good at this...then..the same people would have to pay me to do their parties! Plus, this is fun!" So, I asked for the Traktor program from one of my friends, and got it.

How long have you been a DJ?

For 1-2 years now, and still going.

What was your first experience as a DJ like?

Well, A friend who had a laptop would practice DJing all the time. I kind of knew how he ran it, and I wanted to learn. So, one day, he had left his laptop inside of the production studio at the radio station, and I jumped on. When I realized that I could sync, and sync good - not well, good - I wanted the program for myself. When I got the program, instead of being told, "Hey, here's how you do it", I was told, "Have fun,and learn it yourself." So mostly, all of what I have done, I've learned to do by myself, with the exception of Tear-Drop, one of the Pro DJs at WCCR.

Why did you start DJing Anime music, and what got you into it?

Well, I wanted to start DJing clean music. I didn't want to DJ just the rap/hip-hop, dancehall, etc. anymore. The main reason is because I received a revelation kind-of, and I wanted to change myself for the better...(church does wonders), I decided I'm gonna try DJing Anime. I first had 250 songs to work with, and that's how I started.

What got me into Anime Music? Nappy Did. Alex, one of my dear friends, one day, introduced me to Genesis of Next. We were sitting in the on-air studio, and he played something from some anime, and I was like, "Whoa...they actualy have the anime these songs as whole songs?" When he showed me that they did, we played Anime music on air for 2 hours that day, and 4 hours the next. And I had FUN. It was new, fast, happy, and everything else you could think of. I'm glad for that day; I would not be where I am if it wasn't for that day happeneing.

Who are your DJ idols?

All of the Pro DJs at WCCR. These guys know what to play, how to play it, and can make a crowd go nuts. Especially Scoop, Tear-Drop, DJ M.E., and DJ Sassy Baby.

However, my Anime DJ idol is DJ Jinnai. I was looking for the longest 2 years ago who was DJing Anime right now. There are a lot now, but not as much back then. I saw Jinnai on Youtube, and he seemed like a cool dude. However, he said he just DJed anime conventions ONLY. I didn't want that, so I set it out to become better than him.

I actually am in conversation from DJ Jinnai. I'm not trying to be better than him anymore, because he is teaching me well. I ask him questions, he answers me back..he enjoys my mixes,..It's someone I am very, very glad that I found and talked to on Youtube.

What has been the best encouragement you got DJing?

Jinnai told me that my approach of using mostly original songs has inspired him to use more originals as well, and he thanked me for my mixes. When I read the PM he sent me, I feel too good inside...for me to have an effect on him, it is mindblowing. I would have never dreamed to be told this so early.

So, what do You DJ Now?

I DJ Anime (contains a various amount of genres, including Electronica, J-Pop, J-Rock, DnB, Eurobeat, internet meems, etc.), Rap/Hip-Hop, Reggae-Dancehall, and R&B.

What is your goal in DJing?

DJing at an Anime Convention (preferably NYAF/NYCC 2010.)

Best DJ Moments?

The random practice..>_>.."sessions".
.at WCCR.

JAM SESSION, March 25th 7-9pm

On March 25th, WCCR & The Spoken Heard Club will be hosting a JAM SESSION @ Hoffman Student Lounge (NAC Building) from 7-9pm

The Jam session is an event to appreciate and enjoy the various performances from members of the City College community, in an intimate setting. If you are interested in performing music, poetry, instrumentals or singing, please email or

WCCR @ the Spoke~N~Heard Club

On Tuesday Feb 23, WCCR members came to the Spoken~N~Heard Club by the dozen to support Flash & Trance, long time members of the station.

The vibe at the poetry club was cool. Even though many people chose to sit for the Black History Month Open Mic, there were actually more then a handful of people who actually stood up to spit. Take a listen.

"We Were Born to be Different"
by Julian & Ray  ft. Flash & Charles

(Shout-out to the producer, Shante, even though she didn't do anything but still wants credit for this collaboration.)

"Nursery Rhyme" 
by Flash

If you are interested in joining CCNY Spoken~N~Heard Club, meetings are held on Tuesdays @ The English Lounge NAC 6/218. from 12:30- 2:00pm

March 16
April 6
April 20
May 4

Contact  President Nicole "Trance" @ for more info.

Thursday Night DJ Showcase on U_STREAM

On February 18, WCCR's Thursday Nights DJ Showcase had its first U-STREAM broadcast of the year. It was crazy!!! We had our top DJs mixing tunes for two hours. Tear Drop wildin out,(nothing new), Geogre 'The Gon' dancing & djing at the same time!!, El Blanco Nino & Darius DJ Contro1 also were on the 1s & 2s. Listen!!

The audio is great, let the video run while you browse the web. WCCR is bringing the party ot you!!

Welcome to the WCCR Lounge

Hello this is Bernie, the new Social Networking Guru) of City College Radio, welcoming you to WCCR's new site. The 'WCCR Lounge' will serve to update everyone on what is going on at the station, promote WCCR & its members and provide information to CCNY students about:
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  • Radio Personalities
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  • Music from your favorite artist
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I greatly appreciate everyone who has helped in the launch of this site.

Thank You!!

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