Gaming Olympics: Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to CCNY on a Saturday to support the event. Also, the SFGA Club greatly appreciates all the volunteers who helped make the Gaming Olympics a successful event.

In the center of  the ballroom were three monitors where Call of Duty, Madden 10' and Halo 3 were being played simultaneously.  

We also had Guitar Hero and Rock Band being played on two large projection screens.

There were Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, and Wii systems setup in the conference rooms.

Arcade games were placed at the Hoffman Lounge.

Of course the Gaming Olympics included the usually games in the Game Room

There were also board games

Sandwiches, beverages, popcorn and cotton candy were provided free!

Look at Ray munching down some cotton candy!

Fighter Tournament 32 man tourney, in various fighting games from numerous consoles. 

There was also a double dutch contest held outside the NAC.

The Wii Sports Tournament went down to the last point.

 Our contestants played a best out of three of Wii sport events. The first contestant won at tennis and his competitor, she won the second event, the three point shooting contest. Now it came down to one game of ping pong for the grand prize of a Nintendo Wii! 

Watch the Nail Biting Finale!
The score is tied at 3. Game is up to 6 and win by 2.

Props to

 Wii Sports Champion: Joy


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