Stop Typing Like a Douche

This has been done time and time again, but I feel the need to rant about it. Maybe in hopes that if you hear it, read it and see it over and over again it'll seep in. I will admit that I'm somewhat harsh, but it's all very simple and hard to believe that people don't have the ability to type properly, all by stupid choice. I don't care if you agree or not but this irritates me and this is my blog, so you're going to have to deal.

Why, why oh why people of the internet? Why must you type like you have no type of formal education? I get the whole internet abbreviations and internet lingo (lol, brb, bbl, etc.) That is not what I'm referring to. I'm referring to the people who cut down words and replace letters with numbers or punctuation. I'm referring to the people who add unnecessary letters in words. (I'm not talking about at the end like thissssss) I'm talking about this: ii'm so tiired)

     Sadly, I've seen it, and not just by the young and naive, but from people who should know better. It doesn't make you seem adorable, you just look like you're making the same stupid typo over and over.

     Also, leaving a letter out of a word is just lazy. That is not abbreviating and it is not cute. There is absolutely no reason for you to leave out letters in words. Abbreviating phrases is acceptable. The word "the" is a THREE letter word. Why do people cut it down to "da" and "tha"? Try saying a sentence using "da" instead of properly pronouncing the word. You'll sound stupid. And "tha"? Really? You can type "thA" but not "thE"? What malfunction occurred? The same goes for the words: what (wut, wat) and when (wen).

Others and their retarded variations:
Girl- Grl (What is wrong with using ONE more letter?), Gurl (Really? What do you have against the letter i?), Giirl (Just one i is needed, thanks), Girlz/Grlz/Gurlz (Just no)

Boy- Boi (What's wrong with the letter y?) Boyz/Boiz (Again, just no)

Like- Lyke (Again with the i), Lyk (Need I say more?)

If you use these or omit unecessary letters, someone should hit you, hard.

     How do you function is school? Do you honestly do assignments typing like that? Oh yeah, blah blah the internet isn't school. I know, but sadly it's been done where people have dumbed down their typing online that it's reflected in their actual work. In school I've done peer reviews and I've seen papers with "u" and "y" and dare I say it: "lol" REALLY? u and y are not words, nor is the acronym lol, an acceptable word.

Basic Grammar
Now, see if you can pay attention.

There: Mostly used for destination. Opposite of here.
ex. I'm going over there. I like that dress over there. Etcetera.

They're: Short for they are.
ex. They're going to be excited. They're going to love this gift. Etcetera.

Their: A form of possession.
ex. That is their dog. This is their home. Etcetera.

You're: Short for you are.
ex. You're 20 minutes late. You're going to get in trouble.

Your: A possessive form of you.
ex. Is that your jacket? I'm shopping for your birthday gift.

It's: Short for it is or it has.
ex. It's hot in here. It's 3 in the morning. It's been 2 hours since we left. Etcetera.

Its: The possessive form of it.
ex. The dog is chasing its tail. The book has lots its cover. Etcetera.

Pretty simple, right? Well apparently online, they're all the same. So many people misuse those words and it's extremely irritating to me. It's really amusing and sad at the same time when I see celebrities twittering and misusing those words. Then again, they're people too right? Sadly.

*In the english language capital letters, when used properly go within titles, at the beginning of a sentence and names and are used for acronyms.

Your Sentence Should Not Look Like This.


Unless, you know, you want to showcase your extreme anger online.

An acronym, for the people who don't know, is a word formed from the initial letters of a set phrase or series of words.

ASPCA- The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
USA- United States of America

Then there are the ones commonly used online, which are acceptable:
Etcetera. I know I don't have to elaborate on those.

WoUlD yOu WaNt To rEAD aN eNtiRe pAsSaGe oF wRiTiNg TyPeD oUt LiKe ThIs?
Pr3Tty Pr1nCeS$
B@biI33 GuRrL
$3Xy kItTy
Oh mAi gAwd!!!1!!1!

     I rest my case. That hurt my fingers just typing the above examples. It's also sort of a mind fuck for my eyes. My point is, it isn't hard to type like you're not stupid. One extra key to hit to complete a short word won't kill you. A lot more people will respect you if you type properly. Who enjoys looking like a jackass? Save yourself the trouble and headaches. =]


I really <3 Liv.

<3 : said out loud as less than three, like, and/or love depending on sentence structure and/or context. =]


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