WCCR @ the Spoke~N~Heard Club

On Tuesday Feb 23, WCCR members came to the Spoken~N~Heard Club by the dozen to support Flash & Trance, long time members of the station.

The vibe at the poetry club was cool. Even though many people chose to sit for the Black History Month Open Mic, there were actually more then a handful of people who actually stood up to spit. Take a listen.

"We Were Born to be Different"
by Julian & Ray  ft. Flash & Charles

(Shout-out to the producer, Shante, even though she didn't do anything but still wants credit for this collaboration.)

"Nursery Rhyme" 
by Flash

If you are interested in joining CCNY Spoken~N~Heard Club, meetings are held on Tuesdays @ The English Lounge NAC 6/218. from 12:30- 2:00pm

March 16
April 6
April 20
May 4

Contact  President Nicole "Trance" @ for more info.


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