Beware of FaceBook Phantoms!

I have recently notice that there is an increasing number of fake FaceBook profile's adding people as friends. Do NOT ADD People you don't know as friends. If you do, you are risking your personal information being collected for malicious purposes. Do not assume someone is really who they say they are just because you share a lot of mutual friends.

Characteristic of a Facebook Phantom Profile
  • They join a network (ex. __ College) and mass  friend request all the people in that network, in alphabetical order.
  • Their Wall will mostly have: " 'Phantom's Name' &__ are now friends" and little social interaction, if any at all.
  • Usually doesn't have any photo albums (not tagged in pics or videos)
  • If they have a profile pic, they tend to be White Women
  • In too many networks: (ex Scranton University, 00,01,02,03,04,05,05,07 etc) or (CCNY, Columbia, NYU, Hunter, Queens, John Jay, Baruch)

Who are these Phantoms?
I am not too sure yet, but here are my hypothesis:
  • They can be people wanting to steal information
  • Companies spying on their employees (If you come to work hungover on Monday ,  If you're boss is your FB friend they will definitely see those pics of you partying from Sunday night. ) Also FB friend can track if you are really doing work. When you leave comments & statuses, the time is recorded for everyone to see.
  • Cyber Police trying to crackdown on crime or surveillance of people in a network.
  • People trying to promote events or products to a particular network (So far none of the CCNY Phantoms have done this)

Some Known Phantoms attacking the CCNY Network.
Phantoms take real photos of people & create profiles. If you are friends with anyone of these people, de-friend them asap.

Andrew Samuel (No Pic)

Lashell Paris

Natalie Mia

Sintia Silva 
(This one is tricky, They have many actual pics)

Soney Jova

Suzzan Suzzane
(Look @ that name she definitely is fake.)

How to Better Protect your Information
Everyone, please review your privacy settings and update them to fit your standards.
  • Do not add strangers as friends 
  • Never put your home or work addresses on your profile
  • Be wary of putting your contact info on your profile
  • Label friends into categories. (College Friends, Family, Co-workers, ex- wives, )
  • Display certain info to certain groups (ex. Only friends that I have marked as 'WCCR' can view my cell # on my profile page. For others it is blank. You can do the same for status, TAGGED 'pic & videos' as well.)
  • Do Not Broadcast Your Life (if you have a status saying 'I am going to buy __ today' 'Hungry getting a snack' or 'I'm going to Mexico next week' A thief will use this info to plan out when to steal, rob or burglarize you.)
  • Do not just add any application because most apps are able to access your personal info on FB. Many apps are third party & FB has no control over them. Please check your application settings.

Whenever I find more Phantoms, I'll put them on blast here. Also if any of you find Phantoms leave a comment with the phantoms name and link to their profile.

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Update: Soon after this article was published many of these Phantoms have been remove from Facebook.

Update: Soon after this article was published many of these Phantoms have been remove from Facebook.

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