Contro1 Freak: A True ANIME Rave..and BASS. o_o

A message from DJ Contro1 Freak,

  "This is for those of you that wanted to hear what I do with Anime Music. I put my own touch on it in this 45 minute mix of Anime AWESOMENESS. This is Real Anime Music, with some Deadmau5, Some Daft Punk, and some of ME. NO DnB, NO J-CORE, NO REMIXES. REAL. ANIME. MUSIC. 

   Now, to all of the AnimeHeads, Freaks, and whatever else you are, I present to you..."

A True ANIME Rave..and BASS. o_o

Watch DJ Contro1 Freak's anime videos on his YouTube Channels: WCCRFanBoys & TheContro1Freak


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