We are now holding workshops so everyone has an opportunity to learn how to function every aspect of the radio station. I will update the workshops & times from week to week.

Office Management
Tuesdays 5-8pm
Wed & Thurs: 5-6pm
Fri- before 5pm by appointment

Turntablism (Beginner to Advanced) and  
Sound Production (using Fruity Loops 9)
Mon- Thurs after 2pm by (request only)

"I'll first cover the basics such as a breakdown of the turntable its self and its functions, equipment arrangement and management. From there ill teach the basic cuts, scratches, and matching using wax.

Later (for those who stick around) tours of famous stores and record shops while teaching them the importance and history of "Digging" or looking for sounds in order to truly become a great dj

As for those who advance further, I'll teach them the art of beat juggling and "double work" such as marking the one on wax, advance dropping techniques, etc. Finally we will then take all the skills learned....and put them to use in Serato or Virtual wax software.

Moving to those who want to learn production, it will be on a one to one approach, and i will teach them things depending on their skill level.

Online Promotions 
Mon, Tues & Thurs 2-3:30
Thurs 11-12,

  • Explain the WCCR Online Initiative
  • Web 2.0
  • Hyperlink vs Text
  • How to properly & effectively promote WCCR events & Fan Page on Facebook
  • The advantages & disadvantages of posting items on walls & messaging it.
  • The difference between Groups & Fan Pages
  • & Adding humanity to promoting
Equipment Setup & Breakdown
ON-AIR Ethics
Covers sound editing for drops & PSA, and ON AIR courtesy.
Monday -Friday:
Time: TBA

Marcus Wolfe
ON-AIR Production Studio
Understanding the WCCR/CCNY Politics  
The right people to know in CCNY
Friday 12-2pm


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