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Bernie: Summer 10', NBA's Race to Arms

In less than 24hrs, the landscape of the NBA may dramatically change. Thursday, July 1st, 2010 is the date that the war of signing free agents begins. Lets take a look at what these battling teams did to put themselves in this situation.

Cap Room: $34.17 million

The Build Up: 
Once Donnie Walsh was hired as team president in 2008, he executed a series of trades which quickly transformed the NBA's highest paid team, (Yes, more than the Lakers, Spurs or Mavericks!) to a franchise with great amount of cap room, with the ability to sign 2 superstars. Knicks traded many future draft picks to get this done, so this summer is make or break for the franchise.

Selling Points:
Even though the Knicks started the Summer of 2010 frenzy, they currently don't have any impressive players to attract Free Agents. The best thing the Knicks have going for them is that they  are the only team that can build their team from scratch.

Cap Room: $29.99 million

The Build Up: 
After the Nets became a mediocre playoff team, The GM decide to break up the core of the team: Jason Kidd, Vince Carter & Ricard Jefferson.The Nets traded this stars for young talented players & draft picks, meanwhile saving money for Summer 2010

Selling Points: 
The Nets have the best cast of young talent amongst the teams with cap room. Former All Star PG Devin Harris, Center Brook Lopez, SG Terrance Williams & Courtney Lee. The Nets recently added PF Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech) & SF Damian James (Texas) at Thursday's NBA Draft. Hiring Avery Johnson was a great move! He is a tough defensive guy and does things the Spurs way!

Cap Room: $29.17 million

The Build Up: 
The Bulls want to return back to championship contenders, something they haven't been since 98'. They traded John Salmons, Tyrus Thomas & Kirk Hinrich and let Ben Gorden go in 09', just to be able to sign 2 free agents to max contracts.

Selling Points:
The Bulls are a  first round exit playoff team and feel with Lebron and another star they will win the championship. They have a good core of players with emerging star PG Derrick Rose, SF Luol Deng, PF Taj Gibson & Joachim Noah.

Cap Room: $27.13 million (After signing Wade to the max contract)

The Build Up: 
After they won the 2006 champion, they veteran team disbursed leaving D-Wade with a sub average team. After 2 years of frustration Wade is demanding to Heat President Pat Riley, that he better surround him with a championship cast again

Selling Points: 
DWAYNE WADE. If Wade succeeds in recruiting Lebron & Chris Bosh then this team is a few role players away from the NBA Finals.

Bernie's Top Free Agents

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Summer of The DJs: Myles Star

Listen more of DJ Myles mixtapes at

Sim Simma Thurs ft. DJ Scoop 6/24

SONG DANCE: 'Ride' Remix^2

I just did a remix on a remix. Sorry Julian, Ciara is mine! lol. SONGDANCE!!!

DJ Cleto: Summer Love Mixtape

Summer Love

SONG DANCE: 'Wetter' Freestyle

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Ciara 'Ride' (Remix) ft. Julian Stephen

Visit Julian's YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to more of his music and watch more his online series: The Alien N Kick Show.

Throwback Youtube Vids

I was browsing the Tube & found these videos.

The Official Dancehall Workout Series

WCCR Meeting Summer 09'

Volume is low

(A lot has changed in a year)

Some looks into the station the past 2 years.

WCCR Vogue Fun

NYAF 2010 Preview

Basically this is a compilation of video of events I went to, as well as a reason for the submission of a panel to feature The Fanboy Takeover Show at NYAF 2010. Also, enjoy the remix made by me especially for this video!

Download DJ Contro1 Freak's 'Empire State of Mind (Remix)' &  Mixtape: A True ANIME Rave..and BASS on Soundcloud.

PiBR: Season 2 Finale

In this installment the roles are reverse. Letticia is the one conducting the interview, her guest is... Mr. Marcus Wolfe!

View Marcus' Youtube Channel TheWolvesDen and listen to more interviews from  
"The Product of Instantaneousity and a Broken Record"

DJ^2: Endless Love

Endless Love by DJ^2

Listen to more music from Dee Jay on his Youtube page donnybucks09

Sim Simma Thurs: ft. El Blanco

Summer of the DJs: Jynn

Chico I Are

Hold Your Love, Nicki Minaj

Touch Rakata


Dem Time Deh Impacto


Bout That, Grafh

Atrevete Ugly


Teach Me How To Jerk My Fingers


Your Siente El Boom


Hay Que Bueno Gear Box


I Can Rompe


Say 85 Somethings- Drake ft. Timbaland (85 Riddim)


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Foods to Avoid Getting Leg Cramps

Many times when I play basketball for long hours, my calfs start to cramp up when I jump. When I am done playing,  I  have to worry about catching a cramp with every step I take towards home. No need to worry, I found some food sources to prevent anyone from feeling that excruciating pain.

Leg cramps are caused when your body has a potassium deficiency.

Here are some foods enrich with potassium.

Sources of Dietary Potassium
Getting the most for the fewest calories

Source: Umass Medical Center
The next time my calf is cramping up, I will go to the store and buy a banana and a bottle of orange-juice.

Visit Bernie's website  & get insight on sports and online tips from the Social Networking Guru himself!

SONG DANCE & Friends Ep7

WE in Miami bitch!! Song Dance and some of his friends enjoying Memorial Day Weekend in Miami. Here's what the first day looked like for me, I couldn't show all the things I wanted to show you, but y'all know me ... 


Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Summer of The DJs: Cleto

Vybz Kartel - Dollar Sign (Shoulders Move Remix)


Plan B Ft. Trina - Frikitona (I Wanna Rock Remix)


Calle 13 - Suave (DJ Cleto 'I Wanna Rock' Remix)


Elephant Man - City Lock (Touch It Remix)

'El Bambino' Ft. Jowell Y Randy - Siente El Boom 
(Find Your Love Remix)


Arcangel Ft. Jowell Y Randy - Soy Una Gargola (Speakin Tongues Remix)

Listen to more of Cleto's mixes on his SoundCloud page DrABristol

Sim Simma Thursdays ft. DJ Sassy 6/10

Join DJ Jynn & Tear Drop on the 1s & 2s every Thursday on their Ustream show
This week's guest is DJ Sassy. Special Guest from the GON & Antwon brushing of his clarks!

Catch SIM SIMMA Radio every Thursday on  Ustream!

Football Highlights: CFC vs. GREEKS

Even though football season is over you can still enjoy some football this Sunday. Watch the Highlights from City's Football Club vs. a mixture of Fraternities.

(Friday, May 7th, 2010 )

SONG DANCE: Hello Goodmorning Freestyle

 Coming back from Miami i had to bring y'all back something..... so everybody to the WELCOME SUMMER SONG DANCE!!!! lol

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Summer of the DJs: Tear Drop

Welcome to The SUMMER of the DJs. Every week we'll highlight a new DJ and share their fresh hot mixes. Let's start with the Daggering King 'TEAR DROP' with possibly the mix of the summer.

Pon Di Big Booty B!thc*s


OMG! I'm Dick Riding Obama


My Hollaback Girl


Find Mo Money, Mo Luv


Massive Reggae Attack
(#Team Minaj Remix)

More mixes to download:

Its only the first day of June & Its already a hot summer!

Download more of TEAR DROP's mixtapes & mixes at

And the Winners are... (WCCR Awards)

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Favorite Mixtape

"The Musical 3-Some"
 by: The GON

by theGON4ever

Best Member & Accessory Combination

Kino + Camera

Favorite Radio Show

"Fresh Out the Box " Diona Phoenix

Biggest Diva

Brandon "SONG DANCE"

Favorite DJs
After 131 votes:

6) DJ Sass
5) DJ Scoop
3)The GON / Blanco
1) DJ ME

Best Original Song

"Best Sex Ever" by Jay Wrecka 
(Starts @ 4:00)

Favorite WCCR Event

E.P.N with 22.35% of the votes

I can't post any vids from that night, but I'll do the next best thing.

VIVA La Burns The Energy Fiendwill perform "Turn Her On" (by request only) So if you haven't heard it yet, or want to hear it again just ask me.

Cutest Couple/ BFF
By one vote (Sorry Brandon & Jeff)

  Fareeda & Blanco

Best Catch Phrase

"Why You Lion?!" by: Flash, GON & Kino

Best Musical Artist
 It's a Tie between,

Julian Stephen

Jay Wrecka

Biggest Creepa

Troy with 93.5% of the votes. (Including the write in votes.)
Majority of people chose the first circle. Interesting!

View Video of Troy Creeping on Chairs

You entering predator status soon.

Funniest Joke:

"Akil Gave GOD a Pound & Created the Universe"

It beat '__ is running #for SNG' by 1 vote!

Thank you to all that voted in the first bi-annual WCCR Awards!

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