And the Winners are... (WCCR Awards)

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Favorite Mixtape

"The Musical 3-Some"
 by: The GON

by theGON4ever

Best Member & Accessory Combination

Kino + Camera

Favorite Radio Show

"Fresh Out the Box " Diona Phoenix

Biggest Diva

Brandon "SONG DANCE"

Favorite DJs
After 131 votes:

6) DJ Sass
5) DJ Scoop
3)The GON / Blanco
1) DJ ME

Best Original Song

"Best Sex Ever" by Jay Wrecka 
(Starts @ 4:00)

Favorite WCCR Event

E.P.N with 22.35% of the votes

I can't post any vids from that night, but I'll do the next best thing.

VIVA La Burns The Energy Fiendwill perform "Turn Her On" (by request only) So if you haven't heard it yet, or want to hear it again just ask me.

Cutest Couple/ BFF
By one vote (Sorry Brandon & Jeff)

  Fareeda & Blanco

Best Catch Phrase

"Why You Lion?!" by: Flash, GON & Kino

Best Musical Artist
 It's a Tie between,

Julian Stephen

Jay Wrecka

Biggest Creepa

Troy with 93.5% of the votes. (Including the write in votes.)
Majority of people chose the first circle. Interesting!

View Video of Troy Creeping on Chairs

You entering predator status soon.

Funniest Joke:

"Akil Gave GOD a Pound & Created the Universe"

It beat '__ is running #for SNG' by 1 vote!

Thank you to all that voted in the first bi-annual WCCR Awards!


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