Primetime w/ VIVA ft. DJ Uni FLO & Sassy

The stream is only 1 hour. We were having tech problems but Sass, Darrain & I got it live! This week show is just music & convo. 

I am the only guy that can make Darrain play reggae!

(Start) DJ Uni- FLO mix
(06:42) Sassy Enters
(09:15) Sassy describes a Drink Till You Drop Party
(16:00) Will there be DAGGERING!?
(26:00) Bernie & Sassy describe some crazy Brooklyn stories
(36:45) FlashBack Youtube Vid: Station Party w/ 50+ people!(08')
(39:00) Sassy reveals her plans for a WCCR DJ battle & artist showcase.
(43:00) New VIVA song "Everybody Dance on Beat"

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Watch Primetime w/ VIVA every Tues @ 7pm on Ustream


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