Primetime w/ VIVA (Premiere)

This is my first Ustream show of the summer. So I am join by Marcus Wolfe (The Ultimate Jazz fan), Ti- Mario & DJ Jynn! (The lightskin brotha with a dark skin feeling! )

Aired 7/13/10

(Start)- Lebron Leaving to MIA
(23:12)- Who is better Amare Bosh or Boozer
(34:00)- Jynn DJ set
(58:50)- NFL Talk
(1:08:40)- George Davidson on blast (Can a NFL game end in a tie?)
(1:14:48)- Lebron Legacy
(1:24:35)- Chinaza Naz "Fast Food Chronicles" pt1
(1:36:25)- T-Wolves on BLAST
(1:48: 00)- Worst Teams Next Season
(1:57: 00)-Why I will always choose Deron Williams over CP3

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Listen to DJ Jynn's music on the WCCR website

Watch Marcus' interviews on his radio show "The Product of Instantaneousity" and a Broken Record on Youtube


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