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#AwkwardMoments 9.12.12

Be SomeONE: Free BBQ

On Wednesday May 5th, @ 12-2pm Precision Group Presents:

"Be SomeONE BBQ"
Celebrate life and help to better raise awareness of the lack of registered organ donors in our community with games prizes & a BBQ.

NAC Plaza
160 Convent Ave and 138th Street
NY, NY 10031

Price: FREE!

Beware of FaceBook Phantoms!

I have recently notice that there is an increasing number of fake FaceBook profile's adding people as friends. Do NOT ADD People you don't know as friends. If you do, you are risking your personal information being collected for malicious purposes. Do not assume someone is really who they say they are just because you share a lot of mutual friends.

Characteristic of a Facebook Phantom Profile
  • They join a network (ex. __ College) and mass  friend request all the people in that network, in alphabetical order.
  • Their Wall will mostly have: " 'Phantom's Name' &__ are now friends" and little social interaction, if any at all.
  • Usually doesn't have any photo albums (not tagged in pics or videos)
  • If they have a profile pic, they tend to be White Women
  • In too many networks: (ex Scranton University, 00,01,02,03,04,05,05,07 etc) or (CCNY, Columbia, NYU, Hunter, Queens, John Jay, Baruch)

Who are these Phantoms?
I am not too sure yet, but here are my hypothesis:
  • They can be people wanting to steal information
  • Companies spying on their employees (If you come to work hungover on Monday ,  If you're boss is your FB friend they will definitely see those pics of you partying from Sunday night. ) Also FB friend can track if you are really doing work. When you leave comments & statuses, the time is recorded for everyone to see.
  • Cyber Police trying to crackdown on crime or surveillance of people in a network.
  • People trying to promote events or products to a particular network (So far none of the CCNY Phantoms have done this)

Some Known Phantoms attacking the CCNY Network.
Phantoms take real photos of people & create profiles. If you are friends with anyone of these people, de-friend them asap.

Andrew Samuel (No Pic)

Lashell Paris

Natalie Mia

Sintia Silva 
(This one is tricky, They have many actual pics)

Soney Jova

Suzzan Suzzane
(Look @ that name she definitely is fake.)

How to Better Protect your Information
Everyone, please review your privacy settings and update them to fit your standards.
  • Do not add strangers as friends 
  • Never put your home or work addresses on your profile
  • Be wary of putting your contact info on your profile
  • Label friends into categories. (College Friends, Family, Co-workers, ex- wives, )
  • Display certain info to certain groups (ex. Only friends that I have marked as 'WCCR' can view my cell # on my profile page. For others it is blank. You can do the same for status, TAGGED 'pic & videos' as well.)
  • Do Not Broadcast Your Life (if you have a status saying 'I am going to buy __ today' 'Hungry getting a snack' or 'I'm going to Mexico next week' A thief will use this info to plan out when to steal, rob or burglarize you.)
  • Do not just add any application because most apps are able to access your personal info on FB. Many apps are third party & FB has no control over them. Please check your application settings.

Whenever I find more Phantoms, I'll put them on blast here. Also if any of you find Phantoms leave a comment with the phantoms name and link to their profile.

Social Networking Guru

Get more online tips on Bernie's website

School Daze Party

On Friday, April 30 @ 9pm- 1am, Sat; The Crimson & Cream Club, and Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity presents:

"School Daze"
Come & relieve your school stress with an awesome party,with DJ Jess Ryte, from Philly's POWER 99, mixing.

NAC Ballroom,CCNY
160 Convent Ave and 138th Street
NY, NY 10031

$5 in advance

$7 for Greeks w/para
$10 for Non-Greeks


For more info contact:
DANIELLE - (646) 283-5193
MANNY - (631) 504-2286

YoSan: Spring Riot Mixtape

SONG DANCE & Friends Show: Ep: 4

HEY this episode we did a while back it a day with Jay Woodz. he recently changed his name to Jay Wrecka and is stilling killing them with the flow a true artist and a truer friend JAY WRECKA ladies and gentlemen.


Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Generation Love Concert

On Tuesday May 4, @ 7:30-10:30pm, The CCNY Gospel Choir presents:

"Generation Love"
A fuse of Fashion, Dancing, Singing, etc.and a Live Concert! All proceeds will aide Hope For Haiti.

Aronow Theater, NAC Builing, CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave
NY, NY 10031

Price: FREE!
Donation: Free Will

For more information please contact:


Brought to you by:

CCNY Gospel Choir
WCCR 640am The One

Doors open @ 6:30pm

Erotic Poetry Night

On Friday, May 7 @ 5-11pm, Spoke~N~Heard presents:

"Erotic Poetry Night"
A night of great poetry, fun games, and a party to top it off.

NAC Ballroom,CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave
NY, NY10031

Price: $5

Free Giveaways & Refreshments

Pajamas/Sleepwear are encouraged but not mandatory.

If you ever been to Erotic Poetry Night then you know what to expect. If you haven't, then be prepared. And remember, what happens in E.P.N stays in E.P.N.

For more info contact Trance:

Phone: (347) 423-3475

Music by WCCR 640am The One

Poetry For Life Performances

On Thursday April 15, Spoke~N~Heard Club presented the Poetry For Life Concert. The concert bought awareness to organ donation since April is Donate a Life Month.

Check out pics and videos from the event

Props to Kino for the pics.

Watch Some Performances Below

Check out WCCR 's mobile site & view these performances on your smartphone.

View more pictures from the Poetry for Life Concert on FACEBOOK

CCNY After Party!


This Thursday, April 22nd  @10pm - 4am Friday, WCCR presents the:

End your week off right with a FREE party hosted by WCCR @ La Pregunta.  Come join us as we cap off the all the festivities being held at CCNY this week.

La Pregunta
1528 Amsterdam Ave. (bet W.135st & W.136st.)
NY, NY 10031
(Right across the street from CCNY)

Price: Free 

18 to Party, 21 to Drink

WCCR will have the best of the best DJing this party:

El Blanco Nino- The White Boy

Tear Drop- The Hype Prince!

DJ Sassy Baby
- Your Dayumm Daddy

DJ Scoop- The Party Lifesaver

DJ Cleto- The Riddim king

DJ Jynn- The Conquistador

2010 NFL Draft... PARTY

This Thursday, April 22nd @ 7-10pm WCCR presents the:

2010 NFL Draft... PARTY!
 " Who needs Mel Kiper & Todd McShay when you have Bernie & Darius. So come and have a great time as we party with WCCR's hottest DJs while viewing the selection of future superstars."

WCCR Radio Station, NAC 1/108, CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave
NY, NY 10031

Price: Free!

Food & Drinks will be served.

Be sure to stay afterward for the FREE party @ La Pregunta.

Caribbean Couture: Fashion Show

On Friday, April 23 @ 6-11pm, CSA & Spoke~N~Heard Club presents: 

"Caribbean Couture"
Come and celebrate the end of Caribbean week at City College with an exciting fashion show. There will be great designers, food and Caribbean music.  A Portion of the proceeds will go to the Haitian Relief Efforts.
Come and enjoy!!
Faculty Dining Room, 3rd Floor, NAC Builing, CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave
NY, NY 10031

$7 in advance
$10 at the door

For tickets, Email either: 
Jessica at
Nicole at

or text (347) 668-9083 (TEXT ONLY!) with the following:

Only 100 advance tickets will be sold! Get yours asap

SONG DANCE & Friends Show: Ep3

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Contro1 Freak: A True ANIME Rave..and BASS. o_o

A message from DJ Contro1 Freak,

  "This is for those of you that wanted to hear what I do with Anime Music. I put my own touch on it in this 45 minute mix of Anime AWESOMENESS. This is Real Anime Music, with some Deadmau5, Some Daft Punk, and some of ME. NO DnB, NO J-CORE, NO REMIXES. REAL. ANIME. MUSIC. 

   Now, to all of the AnimeHeads, Freaks, and whatever else you are, I present to you..."

A True ANIME Rave..and BASS. o_o

Watch DJ Contro1 Freak's anime videos on his YouTube Channels: WCCRFanBoys & TheContro1Freak

DJ UNI-FLO: Luv. Sic Vibes

"First Official Mix in Dedication to Nujabes. He, in my opinion, was one of the greatest instrumentalist that ever lived. May he rest in peace."

                                                                                        DJ Uni-Flo 

Luv. Sic Vibes

Check out to listen to DJ UNI-FLO's future mixtapes and albums.

Gina B: Erykah Badu - Exposed!

City of Dallas v. Erykah Badu

 In daylight and all of its glory, it's quite controversial for anyone to strip completely nude on a public street.  But Erykah Badu, like many true artists, is always controversial, though less extreme in most cases.  However, there is a method in her madness; Erykah Badu peels away the exterior layers (literally) to reveal the truth about herself and others.  No matter how uncomfortable it makes us, the truth expressed through this video is illustrated in a clever and profound way. Ready for the juicy details?

What really happened?

Well, Badu was filming the video to her new single, "Window Seat," from her newly released album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh.

The setting is Badu's hometown, Dallas, Texas - downtown, Elm Street, Dealey Plaza, approaching the site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963.  

Erykah and her posse do not have city permits to film at this location, but she isn't afraid of a little guerrilla filming!

In a single-take video, Erykah is filmed removing her clothing while walking toward the location of JFK's assassination.  She strips off her clothing until she is nude, and then "BANG!!" A rifle sounds and Erykah collapses to the ground, blue blood dripping from her lifeless body, pooling on the street and spelling "groupthink." (read 1984, by George Orwell.)  

People stare in amazement - the crowd goes some extent. (charges were filed.)

What's the reason for this madness?

Badu is hoping to catalyze a discussion of "groupthink."  Her video is protesting the assassination of the individual.  The video ends with these words:

They who play it safe, are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups – less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual...

Erykah further explains her reasoning behind the video:

I tied it in a way that compared the [JFK] assassination to the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely,” she said. That’s exactly the action I wanted to display.

More to come?
Will the Dallas city attorney charge Erykah Badu with a crime? 
...probably not. 

Will people REALLY get the message that the artists seeks to convey? 
...sadly, probably not.

Sources:  Erykah Badu Official Site, CBS News, Dallas News, Access Hollywood 

You can learn more about Regina's insight on  music , on her blog "On the Record"

Julian Stephen: Her Name

Her Name (produced by Tim William) is Julian's second single off of his upcoming album " The Desperate Prom Date".
Visit Julian's YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to his  music and watch Alien N' Kick episodes.

SONG DANCE & Friends Show

SONG DANCE F.E.N.E.O ent. & WCCR presents

SONG DANCE & Friends Show

On this online show you can expect musical entertainment from Song Dance, his guests. Including: skits freestyles singing rapping anything you can imagine. Watch the first two episodes below

Episode 1

Episode 2

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

6 Ft & Above, Cypher Session

WCCR members Tear Drop, SONG DANCE, Julian Stephen & Jay Woodz freestylin in the ballroom with The GON dropping the instrumentals.


How to DJ a party MacGyver Style

"So me and my deejay pal, Jynn, were given an opportunity to play @ Jeremy's house party.
But the only thing was: There weren't any audio cables. How did we find the solution?

Stripping down two long old extension cords and MacGyver-ing the SHIT outta a problem.
The vid is a MUST see. ;)"

- Tear Drop

ECSTASY: CCNY First Techno Party

On Friday, April 16 @ 8pm - Saturday April 17 @ 1am
The Haitian Student Association presents:

"Ecstasy Party"
"techno + bmore + soca + dancehall + house+ electro etc = a wild crazy night"

NAC Ballroom, CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave

$5 in Advance
$7 at Door

Text (347) 259-5306 for Tickets
or contact George the GON # 240-393-6525

Collaborating Clubs:

- The Club Francophone
- Club Fitness
- Colleges Against Cancer
- The United Nigerian Students Association

Poetry For Life Concert

On Thursday April 15 @ 6-9pm  , The Spoke~N~Heard Club presents: 

"Poetry for Life Concert"

Aronow Theater, NAC Builing, CCNY
138th Street and Convent Ave

View a variety of performances from: dancers, singers, rappers and poets. All in order to make the college community aware of organ donation for DONATE LIFE MONTH.

Tickets are $10 per person which includes:




For more information contact
Trance at:347-423-3475 or email:

Brought to you by:

WCCR 640AM The One

Alien N' Kick: Whooped Speechless

On this installment, Julian shot parts of his online series on the CCNY campus. Many WCCR members participated in this week's hilarious episode.

Watch & Enjoy!

WCCR member, Julian Stephen is a rapper and an actor on his online series : The Alien N Kick Show. Visit his YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to Julian's Music and watch more Alien N' Kick episodes.

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