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#AwkwardMoments 9.12.12

Fanboy Takeover 'A New Fanboy'

Watch another hilarious installment of Darius' show 

'The Fanboy Takeover'
See the crowning of a new Fanboy, meet a Fangirl & the prelude to Nappy vs. Carlos!


Topics discussed: Record of Agarest war, DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, weaboo animes and people, Japanator, and an Interview with Neelu.

(Originally aired 4/29/10)

View more Fanboy Video's on Darius Youtube Channel: WCCRfanboys

Google Voice For Students

Google Voice is a free phone # provided by Google. Your Google # can ring to your cell, home and/or work etc. #s. If you don't have a phone, You can make phone calls & send text meassages online.

Now you can block phone #s w/o calling your provider &
Have your voicemails transcribe to text.

For those who had problems getting invited to Google Voice here is the solution.

To get an invite, just visit and enter an email address that that ends in '.edu'.

So if you’re a student, submit your email address and a Google Voice invite will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours.(It may take longer) Keep in mind that only one invite will be be sent per email address and Google Voice is currently only available in the U.S. 

What is Google Voice?

Premier: Wah Gwan Radio

Join DJ Jynn & Tear Drop on the 1s & 2s every Thursday on their Ustream show

"Wah Gwan Radio"

Catch 'Wah Gwan Radio' every Thursday on  Ustream!

Alien N' Kick: "I'm Little Young"

WCCR member, Julian Stephen is a rapper and an actor on his online series : The Alien N Kick Show. Visit his YouTube Channel: JulianStephen1 to listen to Julian's Music and watch more Alien N' Kick episodes.

SONG DANCE Gets a Tattoo



Also check out 

Over Freestyle  
(DJ Scoop Video Remix)

Check out DJ Scoop on his website

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

Lavender Fest!

On Thursday May 13, CCNY presented Lavender Fest, an end of the year celebration. Students took advantage of the all the freebies. Food, Smoothies, Games, Health Screenings, music & entertainment, were all provided for free.

View All the Images Here

Musical Chairs Finale

Alonzo Demands a Redo
Can Troy retain the title after the controversy?

Julian Stephen Rocks the Crowd!

Jay Wrecka @ Lavender Fest

When he started to perform "Best Sex Ever" I got in-gulped by a black & blue swarm of Gammas. Felt like the Discovery Channel.

While on the subject of GREEKS, check out some sorority strolls

Also the brothers from Phi Sigma Chi break it down.

Thanks to everyone in: Student Life, WCCR, 'City's Football Club' (CFC), Spoken~N~Heard, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Wellness & Counseling Center & Gamma Nu Delta who made the Lavender Festival the perfect way to end the year!

P.i.B.R: Interview w/ Bernie, the Social Networking Guru

We sit down with the Social Networking Guru of WCCR and hear about his ideas and plans for giving the station a strong online presence.

( Recorded on April 8th, 2010)

Bernie will relaunch his website in June! 

Be on the look out for the anticipated song 'Bless You' (Plus more tracks), funny comedy skits, online tips & audio from his sports radio show.

"You think I'm zaney in real life, when I re-model my website you'll be entering my world!"

View more videos from The Product of Instantaneousity and a Broken Record (P.i.B.R) on Marcus' YouTube Channel: The Wolves Den

Gina B: Alicia Keys - Unthinkable

"This video is stellar -- very unexpected --  offers a totally new perspective to the song.  And I LOVE it! Enough said."

I've been wanting Drake to drop a verse on this track, and FINALLY!!!! The official remix! Stepping out from the background into the spotlight, Drake makes this incredibly infectious (in a great way of course) song even better

Un-Thinkable (Remix)

Continue reading this post on Regina's blog  "On the Record" to watch the making of 'Unthinkable' & Drake describing his collaboration with Alicia Keys.

SONG DANCE & Friends Ep6

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

The Funniest Joke of the Semester

Welcome to the first Bi-Annual
WCCR Awards Nomination Ceremony

Below are the nominees for several categories such as: Funniest Joke, Favorite DJs, Biggest Diva, Favorite Artist are more. This is just a fun game.  Please don't get offended if you made or didn't make any of these lists.

Vote ASAP because polls close May 26 @ midnight. Winners will be the people with the highest total votes for each category.

(For subscribers, open this on a web browser, b/c you won't be able to view JavaScript on your email )

Am I missing any categories?

Videos from Generation Love Concert

On Tuesday May 4, The CCNY Gospel Choir presented

"Generation Love"
A fuse of Fashion, Dancing, Singing and a Live Concert! With the proceeds going to Hope For Haiti.

If you're having problems viewing the widget below, then watch all these videos on our Youtube Channel:  

You can also view these videos on your  
I-Phone, Blackberry or PDA on our MOBILE SITE

'I am Free'
by CCNY Gospel Choir

Julian Stephen will Perform @ LASERS

On Friday May 21st, @ 10pm- Sat 4am Make Me Famous & Party Virus Productions presents:

((((L)))) ((((A)))) ((((S)))) ((((E)))) ((((R)))) ((((S))))
End your semester off right with a Glow in the Dark Affair, celebrating the lovely Diona Phoenix's 21st Birthday.

Gentlemen: $10 until midnight
Ladies: Free before 11pm, $5 after 
Reduced Price with a white top or shirt!!!

Dress Code: White Top or Shirt, (Grown and Sexy Attire)

"Mr. Prince Charming" Julian Stephen 
will be performing hits from his upcoming album 
"The Desperate Prom Date"

"Berto the Star" will also be performing.

Music By WCCR's own:

DJ ME "The International Brother"
Teardrop 'The Hype Prince'

All Night Drink Specials:
$5 Shot Specials
$2 Jello Shots served all night by NYC's Sexiest Models

FREE GLOW STICKS for the First 50 people

La Pregunta Will Never Be The Same Again !!!

More info contact:
DJ ME - (347-680-2378) / @ilovedjme
Ruben A. Rivera - (917-318-4575)
Jamie Knox Rivera - (347-742-0061)

Top Security will be provided all night!

Carribean Couture Fashion Show

Props to Ernest

Reynoir Clothing

There were also performances from WCCR artists:

Krocreationz Line

Kelly's Fenili Designs

Designs by Mac LaGrand

Fenili Designs/ Swimsuit


Thanks to the all the entertainers:

Props to Kino

"Glow Girl" by SONG DANCE


Jay Wrecka: "Love Never Leave Me"

"Love Never Leave Me"


Listen to more of Jay Wrecka's music on his Myspace page.


We are now holding workshops so everyone has an opportunity to learn how to function every aspect of the radio station. I will update the workshops & times from week to week.

Office Management
Tuesdays 5-8pm
Wed & Thurs: 5-6pm
Fri- before 5pm by appointment

Turntablism (Beginner to Advanced) and  
Sound Production (using Fruity Loops 9)
Mon- Thurs after 2pm by (request only)

"I'll first cover the basics such as a breakdown of the turntable its self and its functions, equipment arrangement and management. From there ill teach the basic cuts, scratches, and matching using wax.

Later (for those who stick around) tours of famous stores and record shops while teaching them the importance and history of "Digging" or looking for sounds in order to truly become a great dj

As for those who advance further, I'll teach them the art of beat juggling and "double work" such as marking the one on wax, advance dropping techniques, etc. Finally we will then take all the skills learned....and put them to use in Serato or Virtual wax software.

Moving to those who want to learn production, it will be on a one to one approach, and i will teach them things depending on their skill level.

Online Promotions 
Mon, Tues & Thurs 2-3:30
Thurs 11-12,

  • Explain the WCCR Online Initiative
  • Web 2.0
  • Hyperlink vs Text
  • How to properly & effectively promote WCCR events & Fan Page on Facebook
  • The advantages & disadvantages of posting items on walls & messaging it.
  • The difference between Groups & Fan Pages
  • & Adding humanity to promoting
Equipment Setup & Breakdown
ON-AIR Ethics
Covers sound editing for drops & PSA, and ON AIR courtesy.
Monday -Friday:
Time: TBA

Marcus Wolfe
ON-AIR Production Studio
Understanding the WCCR/CCNY Politics  
The right people to know in CCNY
Friday 12-2pm

City College vs Brooklyn College : DJ BATTLE

On Friday  May 14, 10pm- Sat 4am WCCR 640am & Brooklyn College Radio presents:

"City College vs. Brooklyn College: DJ BATTLE"
This is a rock the party DJ BATTLE! Whoever gets the party live the most wins!

The Velvet Rope Lounge
3212 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, N.Y.


18 to party 21 to drink
Drink Specials ALL NIGHT

Representing CCNY:
DJ Sass
DJ Scoop

Representing Brooklyn College
DJ Blade
and another decided by in house dj battle May 13 at Bklyn college

Other CCNY and BK College DJs will be in the house before and after, to rock out and get the party live.

YOU decide who wins!

Take the B or Q train to  theBrighton Beach Station 
(Three stops away from Coney Island/ Stillwell Ave. Train Station)

Lavender Week Events

Monday, May 10th

Tuesday, May 11th

Wednesday, May 12

Thursday, May 13

At 12:30-12:45pm CFC is hosting:
'Musical Chairs'
Top 2 contestants will be awarded prizes
Saturday, May 15

SALE: Ice Cream Sundaes & Floats

On Tuesday May 11 @ 12-2pm WCCR 640am The One Presents:

"Ice Cream Sundaes & Floats"

WCCR Station
NAC 1/108
160 Convent Ave & 138th St.
N.Y, N.Y, 10031

Price: Items are $2

CCNY Got Talent

On Saturday, May 8 @ 7-11pm Student Life  presents:

'CCNY Got Talent'
12 Finalist remain, There is only one grand prize. Who will win one free year of rent in the Towers? Come Saturday and find out.

Aronow Theater, NAC Builing, CCNY
160 Convent Ave and 138th Street
NY, NY 10031

Price: Free!

We have 4 WCCR members in the showcase!

Jay Woods 
Captain of the Mile High Club 

Julian Stephen
Prince Charming

Nicole 'Trance'
Lady Prodigy

"Song Dance baby, 
You can get the sex no romance baby"

How to Setup Turntables using Serato Box & Mixer


Extreme Jeff Plays the Guitar?

It's very dark and difficult to see, but performer EMO is the image standing with a guitar. WCCR member, Jeffery Joseph (Extreme Jeff) is seated next to him, playing the guitar for a charitable event taking place in the Hoffman Lounge, last Thursday.


Every time I saw Jeff with a guitar, I thought he was using it as a fashion accessory or to try to be cool. I didn't know he could really play.

Fresh Out the Box: Kwiz Da Wizzard Interview

Check out Phoenix as she interviews Kwiz da Wizzard in her first live  Ustream Broadcast of Fresh Out the Box!

Originally aired: April 6, 2010

Kwiz Da Wizzard's Tracks:
(11:39) -Knowledge
(20:22) -Broken Record 
(38:11) -Perfect Attendance
(47.27) -Philly Cheese-stake DANCE
(56:11) -Play Your Cards Right

Kwiz's Random Rant:  
(27:42) -How he almost got hustle for $200

Listen to more of Kwiz Da Wizzard's music HERE!

And tune into Fresh Out the Box, showcasing up and coming artists, on-air every Tuesday from 2-3pm.

SONG DANCE & Friends Ep5

Enjoy some skits from me jay wrecka and chelsea and highlight from this year NBA SEASON (2009- 2010) o yea me doing my SONG DANCE stuff .... enjoy
                                                       SONG DANCE

Follow SONG DANCE on his YouTube Channel: SDmusikv and listen to his music and watch more upcoming 'SONG DANCE & Friends' episodes!

The Greeks vs. CFC Football Game

On Friday, May 7, @12pm, City's Football Club, Sigma Lamba Beta & Tau Kappa Epsilon presents:

"THE GREEKS VS. CFC Football Game"
An official TACKLE football game, with standard rules. Open to anybody who would like to play.Come & enjoy music, food, and much more! 

Field across the street from CCNY
138st & Amsterdam Ave
NY, N.Y. 10031

Price: Free



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