From 2010 To 127th

As the 2010 year passed on, it was a bit of a struggle. I had to deal with a lot of moments where I was pushed to limits. However I was able to relieve stress often when I would be walking to 127th train station, I would play my fav tracks of 2010. 

As almost every blogger knows, it is one's obligation to have a top ten songs of the year. I do too but I didn't want to present it in a boring manner. Being a part of WCCR I decided to ask DJ Earthquake if he could cure my simple listing from boredom and mix it together. He did great.I would like to thank photo extraordinaire for not only following my path to 127th but for taking the pictures that accompany this project.

Artists featured in this list : Cold Legistics, Kanye West, CJ The Genesis, J.Cole, Jay Electronica, Shuta Hasunuma and more. Download if you want to know if your favorite artist made the list, or your fav song. Inside is the name of all the songs. Hope you enjoy.

From 2010 to 127th by EarthQuake2k10

Download Here : From 2010 Til


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