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M.A.P.S: Flashback 90's Party

On Wednesday May 4th 8-11:30pm M.A.P.S Minority Association of Pre-health Students presents:

"The Flashback 90's Party"
Come enjoy a night of your favorite songs from a memorable decade! Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Grunge, Rock, Pop, TV Theme songs and more! 

NAC Ballroom
The City College of New York
160 Convent Ave. 
N.Y., NY, 10031

Price: $5 

Open to all

Take the A B C D trains to 145st or 1 train to 137th st.


DJ Cleto: The Threat Matrix (Dancehall)

 by DJ Cleto Blistro

*Clears Throat*

*Obama Voice*

Recently, The Deparment of Homeland Security uncovered threats Against the Riddim Kingdom of New York, posted on various social networking sites. Specifically, that people were coming for the crown itself. I just want to reassure the people that this WILL NOT happen. Let me be clear, The Kingdom has stood without turmoil for generations. We will not sit idly by while people fire shots. We, along with our allies (Fresh Produce Crew) will be proactive.

To show our resolve, I've arranged for a compilation based on the 1st quarter of the year... The Threat Matrix. In response to Freedom of Information Act requests, a 4th quarter report from last year will also be made available.

Just Click The Government Link & Enjoy!

The Contro1freak: Cybernetically Challenged

 by The Contro1freak!

This is a Mix that I wanted to record for a long time. I want to start getting all of my mixtapes to get the same feel throughout the whole thing. I also wanted to be able to mix Tracks that I love from Japanese Artists that have changed my look on music , along with European tracks and remixes that I just got this winter. I know that it isn't called "Cyber Trance", but I can't find no other way to describe it, lol. Sucks being a noob.

Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more. I’m making a dancehall mixtape (for all of the normies), but what I really want to do is branch out more to the genres appealing to ravers. I'm putting my hand in hardcore, j-pop, and maybe a little drum n bass, as well as Exit Trance (If I can actually gather the whole lot of the,), so make sure to comment and tell me what you want to hear!

-The Contro1freak

1) Love Again (Vincent De Moor Trance Vocal Mix) - Globe
2) 1998 (Original Mix) - Binary Finary
3) Eternity (Forever) - Vincent De Moor
4) Ai No Kakera (Vincent De Moor Remix) - Every Little Thing
5) Compass (Warrior Vocal Club Mix) - Globe
6) M (Above & Beyond Remix) - Ayumi Hamasaki
7) Outernet (DJ Serge, DJ Dado & Dan Remix)
8) Again (Tatsumaki Remix) - Tomiko Van (from Do As Infinity)
9) Green Mile (Original Mix) - FKN
10) Incarnation (Hiroyuki ODA Remix) - Hatsune Miku
11) Phase One (Original Mix) - Tristate
12) No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) - Above & Beyond
13) Fukai Mori (DJ Amaya Angel At Dawn Remix) – Do As Infinity

DJ Killzz: Nicki Minaj- Did It On 'Em (Badman Remix)

Julian Stephen- Balloons

Julian Stephen- Shenanigans

NBA Playoff Update

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Poetry For Life Concert 2011

On Thursday April 28th 7-11pm, Spoke~N~Heard Presents:

"Poetry For Life Concert"
Showcase of some of the best poets, rappers & musicians  help raise awareness and funds for organ donation.

(North Academic Center) NAC Ballroom
W. 138th Street & Convent Ave.
New York, NY, 10031

$5 in advance
$7 at the door
(Tickets include free food and drinks)

If you are interested in performing:
Email or
Call 347-423-3475


Check a performance from last year's show

Bernie: Knicks vs Celtics Match-up

Today, host Bernie Dalberice Angel Mendez & Christopher Bristol preview the New York Knicks & Boston Celtics first round playoff match-up.

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Angel M: Beat 141

Death of Student Activism

We sit down with CCNY's ombudsman person, Terence Podolsky and discuss student's involvement on issues and policies.



Alien N' Kick "The Teacher's Threat"

Jiggy Flix: The Fair

Student of Educational Rights Interview

Davey Czyzyk and Esida speak about S.E.R 's programs and fight against the student activity fee increase.


CUNY Wide Pre-Spring Break Bash

Random - Party and Bullshit (Baile Funk)

Julian Stephen: Lil Rascals

"Mazel Tov" Freestyle

Dee Jay: Kuwawabear's Mixtape

 by DJSquaredNY

The Next Best Thing

Give In To Me

NYPIRG: W.E.S.T Inc Interview

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