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The 2nd Bi-Annual WCCR Awards (Nominees)

Voting Ends Thursday Feb 3rd at 2pm!

(All nominees are from Beginning of Fall 10' semester - 12/23/10)

WCCR Videos Categories 

Tear Drop: The Problem

El Blanco Nino: LIGHT WORKS

SONG DANCE & Jiggy: Slot Machine

Tear Drop: The Statement

Sous Chef: WCCR's Favorite Album of All time

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DJ Jynn: Insanity Mixtape

Flash: Trader Traitor

Your sky never felt so good..

feels heavenly swimming through clouds freely with no avail

freedom of falling lifts me allowing me to sail

sail like 1 ounce notes from a flute made of sunflower petals in the atmosphere of an ear

like bubbles in a draft mug made of feathers froth from light beer

my words written as air suspended across skylines

gusts of infatuation whirlwind tunnels that shifts gracefully the doors of time

light whistles of our love bounce of the walls of the sky

the deaf feelings of wind under my stomach ascensions as i close my eyes

the warm embrace of the sun crack opens the blue endless ceiling

as my soul stands at the ground and marvel at my body's feeling

scuba diving through the empty sky never felt so right lie a space and ship

I fly freely and gracefully but unhappy through the sky of this empty relationship.

Where are my wings?


Bernie: NFL Divisional Recap

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Mikhael: The Deadline

Break Beat

Only if you knew ..
How much my love scream beyond decibels
That are incredible
Yet softly to hear to the ears so edible
If u knew how much when your gone my body melts in to the ground
Soaring through cement i splash hard with out a sound
I scream until my voice box tape ends
And I bark and Bark until I smell u once again
I scream it to you
Rave it to you
But you had your head phones on I screamed soul and every part
Listening to the beat of your thoughts.. but not the beat of my heart...


DJ Jynn: House of Flying Daggas

DJ Killzz: Equiknoxx Daggering Concept

A Woman's Work Open Mic Series

DJ ME: Top 40 Mix pt.2


Deee Jay: Speaking in Tongues

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Bernie: Is Running Up the Score OK?

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Flash: The Dialogue

I seen you the other day.
We were headed the same way
Me on one side of the street and u on the next
I could have called or I could have text
But I chose not to because i know I'll be seeing you soon
You should stop by I'll set up your fork knife and spoon
We grew so far apart but Im glad your back
Now everything can be back right on track
Cant wait because with out you I felt alone
But now i welcome you heartbreak I welcome you back home
Forever waiting,
I missed you

Your favorite.

Silky Black: X-mas Wasted

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