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#AwkwardMoments 9.12.12

Jay Wrecka: Midnight Express

The Coach vs The Floor General Complex pt2 (Billups vs. D'antoni)

A month ago I brought up the Coach vs. Floor General Complex when Jerry Sloan retired after it was reported that Deron Williams questioned his authority.

In sports there will never be cohesiveness if a coach and is floor general are not on the same page. Ex Coach and Point Guard, Manager & Catcher, Coach and Quarterback. These parties must be united in order for the team to be.

Listen to my reasons why the Knicks are struggling after getting one of the best stars in the league.

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Julian Stephen: Impossible Freestyle

PiBr: Interview with Melody

WCCR's Sous Chef interviews Ms. Congeniality of the Ms.Philippines contest. Today's episode features a musical highlight from Body Language.

Tear Drop: Rolling in the Deep Remix

P Winkzzz 2- We in the Radio Station

HSA: Carnival Madness Party

Music by: George ^2
A Performance by: Reggae Artist VIVA La Burns


Interview w/ USG President Kenroy Cherrington

Undergraduate Student Government (U.S.G) is planning to raise the Student Activity Fee from $49.35 to $90.35! U.S.G President Kenroy Cherrington is vigorously going around campus trying to get the 1,220 signatures necessary to put the raise on the ballot. If they can achieve their goal before the March 25th deadline then undergrads will be able to vote yah or nah on the increase from May 3rd -5th.

The Student Activity Fee is paid by every undergraduate student in their semester bill. This fee finances: The Office of Student Life, Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Athletics & Recreation, The Media Board, N.Y.P.I.R.G , University Student Senate, Children Development Center, Volunteer Emergency Squad and The Wellness and Counseling Center.

S.A.F Breakdown 

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Life Wif Ocky

Life Wif Ocky 2 - The Chain

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Greg Popovich Should Be Coach of The Year

As of Right Now, Who is the NBA MVP?

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Jameel: Billboard Blast

Adele (XL/Columbia) 95-105k
*Rise Against (Geffen) 85-90k
Lupe Fiasco (Atlantic) 50-55k
Glee Cast Volume 5 (Columbia) 45-50k
Mumford & Sons (Glassnote) 40-45k
Avril Lavigne (RCA/RMG) 30-35k
Justin Bieber Never Say Never (Island/IDJ) 30-35
Now 37 (Capitol/EMI) 28-32k
Marsha Ambrosius (J/RMG) 28-32k
Sara Evans (RCA Nashville) 24-27k
Rihanna (Def Jam/IDJ) 24-27k
*Travis Barker (Interscope) 24-27k
Nicki Minaj (Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown) 24-27k
Pink (LaFace/JLG) 22-25k
Justin Bieber My World 2.0 (Island/IDJ) 22-25k

*Debuts (3/17p)

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the First Annual Black & White Affair

Leukemia Awareness Workshop

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