The 365th Post! Things Are Happening!

One of the most celebratory events that many nations recognize is the ending/beginning of a new year. New Years has become synonymous with not only celebration, but also reflection. We at WCCR 590 AM have had to come to terms with some events that will be taking place. In line with this symbolically numbered post will be going through an overhaul in design. We at the radio station want to simultaneously be intuitive to our audience and exponentially increase our output of content. We will be reconfiguring some things but in due time we will be the blog that you will have bookmarked, if you don't already.

Along with the website overhaul there is another great reason for our members to celebrate. With every year members graduate college to pursue a garden variety of goals and aspirations. It's always tough to say goodbye but we will do so and work harder to achieve more for our station. This year is slightly special because a portion of key members of WCCR will be leaving us. While all of the WCCR alumni have had a part in developing WCCR into the epitome of a student run program it is today, there will be a significant departure of important members, whom have been tenants of the station for a long time, this year. We will be sending them off with love. 

Also, we needed an excuse to take a mass selfie. Do you see how cute we are? We even have a miniature prayer circle front and center for the Sunday service grandmas. Isn't God good? Even through our crew is strong, we are still welcoming new members especially if you are looking to learn how to DJ. We are accepting aspiring DJ's with open arms.

I will be heading many of the changes that will occur so I hope you enjoy the shiny, polished, "your Auntie put the wrap over the sofa" revamp. I am incredibly happy to contribute to the blog and I'm willing to be that Auntie.


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