Sunday Musings: A Chat With a Crooner

Friday I sat down to have an interview with the incredible Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Aaron Camper. He came to our humble radio station dressed casually with his assortment of musical partners and we had some preamble talk before launching into the actual discussion. Aaron somehow
manages to be low key, yet exude a presence in the room. He maintained his 'cool customer' attitude throughout the interview even when I was listing his garden variety of accolades.

We talked about his many musically influences from Marvin Gaye to Jodeci, which in context to his music makes an acute amount of sense. Aaron Camper sonically has a distinct identity: It's a spectrum from sweet R'n'B, My Heart to R'n'B with some subtle trap elements Breaking My Heart (side-note: 'subtle trap influences' no one has ever managed that yet). In My Heart, a personal favorite, there's a flavor of Jodeci, but more notably early Michael Jackson, P.Y.T. The song, and his other released catalog has a degree of polish that is refreshing, especially from an upcoming artist. My Heart is a smooth, hyper polished, crafted piece of pop R'n'B about the whimsy of seeing a beauty across the club. A simple premise that's probably been done several times before, but compared to the songs of late that are about this, it's an uniquely classy version of it.

Due to his impressive repertoire, everyone should give his polished collection of intimate love songs a listen. From the lovelorn to the skeptics of romance will be unconsciously charmed by his mixtape Welcome to My World.

You can reach Aaron on his website:


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